Pre-order SWAG!!!

Pre-order TOGETHER IN A BROKEN WORLD before May 21st to get book swag!

4/23/20241 min read

Preorder TOGETHER IN A BROKEN WORLD wherever you buy books to receive book swag! (or request from your local library)!

You'll receive
* Bookmark
* Fridge Magnet
* Signed Bookplate Sticker
* Alternate Aiden & Zach Sticker

You'll need to provide your name and address and upload a copy of your receipt (or screenshot), which includes the proof of purchase and your email address.


Upload proof that you requested the book at your local library. (No purchase necessary!) Search their website for 'request a title' and fill out the following information:

Title: Together in a Broken World
Author: Paul Michael Winters
Print ISBN: 978-1648907371
EBook ISBN: 978-1648907364

Valid to U.S. addresses only (sorry, I'm sending this on my own dime!). Open to the first 500 recipients until 5/20/2024.

Pre-orders are critical to the success of my book. Thank you for your support!